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The First Time for Our College to Visit the Eastern European Countries to Carry out Vocational Education Exchanges and Cooperation

In order to strengthen educational exchanges with countries along the “Belt and Road” and expand substantive cooperation with overseas institutions, from May 29 to June 5, President Zhao Chixuan led a delegation to visit Romania and Moldova, and successively signed memorandums of cooperation on vocational education with Barbu A. Stirbey Buftea, the Dumitru Technical College, the Sighisoara Technical Collegeas well as the Moldovan Free International University. With the strong support and active promotion of the government of Ilfovprovince of Romania, a signing ceremony of "International Cooperation Framework Agreement of China Jiangsu-Romania-Ilfov Province Vocational Education" was held and our college and Ilfov province reached an intention of establishing a“New Silk Road College” ofChina-Romania higher vocational and technical education.Xu Jin, Director of the School-Enterprise Cooperation Department, Yang Jianhui, Director of theInternational Exchanges and Cooperation Department, Zhang Xiaoying, Vice Dean of the School of Textile and Art, and Xu Yingnan, ViceDeanof the School of E-commerce and Logistics Management were in the delegation.

Overseas school running is an important way for China's higher vocational education to "go out", promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, and serve the country's "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The delegation's visit to Romania and Moldova has achieved the expected results and opened up a new chapter in vocational education cooperation between the college and Eastern European countries, which has far-reaching significance for enhancing the international education level and international influence of SITC.




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